After A Long Time

Do you believe in the power of time?As I do and it does in its justice ?

I worry when you stretch it,try to wear it and then to manage it;

isn’t my gear – you have loosen it,

Not because ’tis plastic,

If only it been elastic. 

Amazes me how much we are mystified,

Jocular isn’t it that we have personified?


Graceful dance of an ignorant

around a conscious flame.

How can ignorance left unburnt

in the face of innocence!

So,She burnt herself for ages,

To be part of His; ‘Bhole‘.

Ignition led to unition. 

Questions To Self

Demistify:Who should define the limits?

You, yourself.

“But I do not define any limit for myself.”

“Nobody does for oneself. Because, ‘I’ want to live free,isn’t it? ”

Then,who defines the limits?

“Your parents because of the society you’re living in.”

Now,who should define?



And the cycle knows no end.


Should I conclude that this is a cycle with no end? It would be incorrect to say, society defines limits.

What I reflected and found is- Society is all about ‘you’ and ‘me.’ If I exclude me and my parents,rest is the society for me. Their rules, are not only limitations for themselves but for me also. If I have set a limit, others who are part of society(by default),should also be bound to those limitations(this is how we have been since years).

Now,you tell me,who defines the limits?

Is it society?


 Is it mind?

Answer is- Mind. Your mind,my mind.. mind defines the limitations.


Cordial breeze escorted me to home.The placid estery atmosphere;

Was it you Nyctanthes?

I remember those wintery nights

When you fall me asleep

And you said,

You bloom when you gloom.

And my love Rose;

I miss you.

“We miss your singing”,they wispered.


I know it’s time for you to shed,

To shed your xanthopillous leaves.

But, you know what!

You still look glorified, robust and young.

Grateful to have you all.



Think About It. 

“Only when you exhale carbon dioxide,you are able to inhale oxygen.” True? Is it? At first thought, wow! This makes some sense.Only when you have cleansed yourself internally,giving in the negativity, we are able to inculcate something positive. On the second: But, we aren’t inhaling oxygen!!! We are inhaling air. Right. Air is a mixture of gases-carbon dioxide, oxygen(16%),nitrogen,….Can you discriminate oxygen from air?


Can you discriminate positivity from negativity? 


You cannot say, I’ll only breathe in oxygen and not carbon dioxide.You’re bound to inhale both. But, it is in your hand,how to make utilization of carbon!
Alas! Carbon ppm is increasing and has increased in atmosphere,which is beyond utilization to our body.


“Sorry”. For what?


Ok. But tell me for what?


Ok. I accept your apology. But please tell me, what are you sorry for?


Thank you, the second girl said. 

The first girl asked surprisingly,”Thank you? Why?” 

“Thank you,once again.”

The first girl got irritated.”Why the hell are you thanking me?” 

“Thanks a lot.” 

She felt so weird that she left in anger. 

When a colleague beside her asked what was the reason, the girl said,”Do you know, thanking also means ‘please leave. I have heard enough of you.’ ”

Moral of the story?

Oh, there’s nothing like morals.It shouldn’t be there.

So,it’s not always that anger be expressed by shouting on someone. Try something new. Express it in a different way. 


With Love,

A royal young beauty,

Shimmering blue diamond eyes,

A remembrance-

An art sketched on naked pages.

Smart,courageous,fearless and silly

Whatever you may call.

For they loved boundlessly.

Stood on the rails as they both,

Welcoming the breeze with open arms;

Eventide blushed to red with warmth,

On the humid first kiss,

As she lived once again through her memory.

Breaking every majestic fence,

and undisguising fake pride,

She experienced life.

A bud blossomed after years

And she lived…

Lived like never before.

A story of thirsty souls

and the unsinkable TITANIC.


No Verse,No Metre

Emancipation is,getting detached from all that you identify as yours. 

An inborn is capable of recognizing her mother merely by the touch. For,rest of all,are nothing and means nothing to her. So,in a way she is both bound and free. 

As I plunged deeper,I found,there are many levels of emancipation. 

‘You want this? Have it.’

‘This used to be mine,now it’s yours.’

I am materialistically free. 

I am free.

Though sentimentally connected to many,yet untamed. 

“Physically?” I asked

I am a maiden. 

We are all bound to something and something…..she closed her eyes. 


Spontaneity(frowned)makes us free! She spoke with an intense tempo,in one breath.

…. and something as far as there is life within.(exhaled)

“Why are we bound to life?”

Afraid of not what I questioned,because I knew it was correct,but her vibrance. 

‘The five elements.The Panchmahabhutas.’ 

Soul leaving the body is the utmost exemption. 

It means your energies have fallen below threshold. 

And she went quiet. 

Quiet for long…..


When I saw outside window,

it was raining and dripping through the branches and leaves

Of huge neem tree.

Four-winged hovering with boundless ecstacy.

Some managed to escape.

Some fell down on ground as wings got heavy with rain.

Whilst some flights landed into jaws of death.

It’s like predators were waiting eagerly to savour,


Well,my little garden is home for many.

Greenary all around.

Nature overwhelmed with joy,

Welcoming with open arms,

And where hugs are for free.

Retirement From Studies!

The fundamentals of why educational institutions were established has withered away with the time.
Educational institution used to be a sacred ‘Kalpavriksha’,under whose shed young minds flourish and knowledge blossom from within.
But,everything has changed so dynamically on a wide scale and I would say in a retrogressive manner.
  Schools have taken a form of an enclosed space where information can be fed into ignorant minds from morning 9:00 to evening 4:00! When I do retrospection,I find I was taught the difference, between good and bad, right and wrong,true and false,white and the opposite black….
I had been taught morals.
I had never ever been taught how life works! O yes!After all, we are studying to proceed a happy life ,aren’t we?
No book I read and no word I heard in school,has ever been about what you might face in this world. I was pushed into world of percentage,ranks and competence which has no meaning.
And I genuinely feel, I would have been much better if I was home-schooled writing my own book on life.
I used to feel happy till yesterday that I started schooling at the age of  two and a half years,
so I’ll be earning at an younger age than my friends. Ehh! Now I realize I have been crawling on this path since yeeearrssss..
Damn! Please, I want retirement from studies.
Books have always been my best friend and they will ever remain.
But you see, when government interferes,it mandates everything. And this is so pathetic that someone needs to ‘mandate’ education.
      Students are not reading and learning 8-9 subjects out of interest but because it is mandatory.
Hands up! I have surrenderd my life into hands of these institutions, haven’t you?
If you feel this too, save your younger brothers and sisters from this misery. Create situations and an environment where they see,think,analyse rationally,understand for themselves what life is meant to be. Does this life ask you to spend 24-25 years of your life in getting educated and earning money?
When I was an ignorant infant and learnt to hold a pencil, I didn’t start writing at first. Actually,I began with drawing. And we all have, haven’t we?
       Literacy is essential, but you            see, creativity is the basis.